The SOPARA company specializes in thermal radiation and the manufacture of infrared and ultraviolet systems (ovens, tunnels and panels). It designs and develops tailor-made solutions affecting virtually all areas of the industry: Agri-food, automotive, wood, paint, textile, glass, composite and health. Infrared:
Short Infrared: Infrared radiation passes through the ambient air without heating it and is transformed into heat on contact with bodies (objects and people).
Medium infrared: Dryer with individual sector adjustment, long service life. Installation in furnaces and tunnels or to boost existing installations.
Long infrared: Heating of plastic materials on a thermoforming line.
Ultraviolet: UV is electromagnetic radiation which can break down molecular bonds by photochemical action.
Curing of coatings (Polymerizable inks and varnishes) for printing on paper, cardboard, plastic, wood, tinplate, aluminum, textiles.
Bacteriological actions, sterilization of solids, liquids, air treatment.
Treatment of plastics before coating (automotive subcontracting).

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