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Specialist in 3D Printing in France, AXIS has a wide range of technologies: Stereolithography, Powder Sintering, Multi Jet Fusion HP, Vacuum casting, ... and a large fleet of machines for the production of prototypes.

Using your 3D file (required format: step or stl), AXIS gives shape to your projects.
After machine manufacturing, a project pilot takes care of finishing the parts: from sandblasting to rendering the style model (Paint Finish, Metallization, Transfer Laying, Assembly, etc.).

Established in France and abroad (Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, etc.), it generates 20% of its turnover abroad and operates in various activity sectors, among which: aeronautics, art and architecture, automotive, surgical & medical, household appliances, electronics, perfumery and cosmetics, packaging,…
Since February 27, 2018, AXIS has been ISO 9001 V2015 certified.

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